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Thank you for your interest in adopting or fostering with Northern Plains Boxer Rescue!

We have successfully placed over 1,500 boxers in permanent, loving homes across the midwest and continue our efforts today.

Please fill out all areas of the application. Our list of boxers in our care is ever-changing, so if you’d like to be pre-approved while you wait for your match, please send in an application.

If you'd like to see our current boxers before applying, click Available Boxers.

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Application for Adoption or Foster Care

Please complete all fields completely and notify your vet references of your intention to adopt from NPBR. Failure to do this so may result in the delay or denial of your application.

We match our boxers based on their needs. Sometimes an adoptive families wants may not match what the boxer needs in their future home. However, our coordinators work hard to make the right match for everyone. Please visit Available Boxers to read the full bios of each boxer and the adoption process.

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We will contact your vet to confirm your animals are up to date on vetting. Many vets require the owner to authorize release of information. Please call them and let them know it is ok to release information to Northern Plains Boxer Rescue.
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Current Veterinarian Name
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Current Veterinarian Phone
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Your Boxer at Home
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After you submit your application, you will receive an email response from advising receipt of the application.  Please check your junk/spam folders.

The next step after submitting your application is to submit an Application Donation in order to continue the approval process.  The email your receive advising the receipt of your application will give instructions.

Northern Plains Boxer Rescue (NPBR) is comprised of ALL volunteers who do have other responsibilities outside of this rescue. Our application process is very thorough because we strive to make sure boxer and family are a good match, and the boxer will be going to a good home. From start to finish, the average approval process for one applicant can take a minimum of 3 hours of volunteer time for each application!  Starting with the vet reference and personal reference phone calls to talking with the applicant, to the home visit and this is not including the time spent matching the right boxer with the right home, the process does take time.  This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but consider on an average month we receive over 50 applications.

We have found many applicants are not dedicated to adopting a boxer from NPBR, meaning they apply to several rescues, do not have their animals up to date on vetting and/or spayed/neutered, or have not consulted with other members of the household about adopting a boxer. Usually it is not until a volunteer has spent several hours on the application do we find out the applicant is not ready, adopted from somewhere else, purchased a different dog, or someone is not on board with a boxer, or the application has been misrepresented. Our goal with the non-refundable application donation is to help those who want to adopt have a quicker application period since volunteers are not spending valuable hours on non-adoptable applications. We are hopeful this donation will provide a better and faster experience for volunteers AND applicants.


Sponsor a Boxer in Need

Please consider sponsoring a boxer in need. Our generous sponsors have helped cure our boxers of heartworm, mange, parasites, and serious injuries. In addition, kind and compassionate people have helped with food and many other needs for the boxers in our care.

All donations are tax deductible because we are a non-profit organization.

Please consider helping today by using the Donate Via PayPal button on any page or sending a check or money order to:

Northern Plains Boxer Rescue
Attn: NPBR Treasurer 
P.O. Box 540855
Omaha NE, 68154

If you have any questions about sponsoring any of our boxers, please call us toll-free at (888) 405-7560.