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Northern Plains Boxer Rescue mailing address:  P.O. Box 540855 Omaha NE, 68154

Telephone:  888-405-7560

  • General Questions: NPBR@everyboxercounts.com

  • To Apply/Adopt with NPBR: Please send an application form to apply@everyboxercounts.com

  • Help Us Foster: foster@everyboxercounts.com

  • To Surrender a Boxer: intake@everyboxercounts.com

About Surrenders 

Surrenders include any boxers in need of care, such as:

  • Those from current owners

  • Strays

  • Those from other shelters or vet offices

  • Those from breeders/breeder releases

For surrenders, please include a picture of your boxer, a description of how your dog relates to kids, other dogs and cats as well as why the boxer needs surrendered to rescue within your email.

Complete the form below for all other inquiries.

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