Become a Foster Parent

If you're ready to join Northern Plains Boxer Rescue as a foster parent, please complete our Online Application for Adoption and Fostering via the link below. We screen our foster homes the same way we do for our adoptions. When filling out the form please indicate that you are applying to become a foster home. Please read below to find out more about what it takes to become a foster home for NPBR. If you have any questions, please email us at

What it Takes

Northern Plains Boxer Rescue has placed over 1,000 boxers in their forever homes. Because we are not a shelter, those placements have depended on our foster homes, who serve as the connection from a boxer's unfortunate situation and its new, better life.

Being a foster parent can be a demanding role that requires flexibility and the willingness to accommodate each boxer at what can be a difficult time. NPBR does screen the boxers we rescue to help ensure they can function as family members. Not all of our boxers come out of ideal circumstances; some have been abused, neglected or completely abandoned...others require special medical care. In all cases, they need help to get them through the transition to a permanent, forever home. 

What NPBR Provides

From the time we rescue a pet until the day it leaves foster care, NPBR assumes responsibility for all expenses related to the boxer's healthcare including any necessary vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, spaying/neutering, heart worm treatments, routine medications and emergency veterinary visits. Of course, while the dog is in foster care, NPBR works diligently to carefully screen forever homes for the boxers you have opened your home to. 

NPBR will provide a crate (if needed) and leash/collar for your foster boxer. If additional supplies for training or socialization are needed, we will supply these on a case by case basis.

What Foster Homes Provide

While NPBR assumes responsibility for all veterinary expenses, foster homes are responsible for providing their foster boxers with food, love and a home environment. This is basically the same as permanently caring for a pet -- integrating the boxer into your family, providing love, attention, socialization, basic training, shelter, and a healthy diet. The quality of the care our foster homes provide our boxers is essential to their adoptability. 

NPBR also asks that our foster homes are open to emailing or talking over the telephone with potential adoptive families. As our foster homes know the boxers in their care the best, we ask that they share information on their foster boxer and help us evaluate the adopters. In addition, NPBR's foster homes have significant input in the adoption of any of the boxers they foster. Your opinion really matters to us, and the boxer!

The following is also expected of our foster homes:

  • Provide updates on foster boxers. This includes occasional photos and videos!

  • Occasionally participate in events, such as meet-n-greets and fundraisers. In addition to helping the community recognize NPBR, these opportunities showcase your foster boxer -- hopefully helping them meet their forever family!

  • Provide dependable transportation to take your foster to and from all necessary veterinary visits and adoption events. NPBR covers veterinary expenses; we just need for you to make sure the appointments are not missed!

The boxers NPBR rescues will live in foster care for a minimum of 3 weeks. We have found this is the minimum amount of time it takes most of our boxers to really settle in, be comfortable, and show their true personalities. Three weeks also gives adequate time to make sure our boxers are medically clear before moving to their forever home. Some boxers do stay longer, needing additional love, care and perhaps healing before moving on to their permanent homes.

Essential Elements of a Good Foster Home

An Area for a Crate
A fenced-in yard is recommended though not always required.  We find the crate is a safe place for the foster and is helpful during the initial period as it gets used to you and the new surroundings. If you already have pets in your family, having this space for the new arrival is especially important to keep the boxer segregated and gradually introduce it to the rest of the household.

The Things Any Dog Would Enjoy
You are encouraged to spoil a foster boxer just as you would any pet.

An Open Heart and Leading Mind 
It's been said that when fostering, you have to open your heart but lead with your mind. The difference between your foster boxer and your other pets is that fostering is temporary.

A Focus on Fostering 
Always remember why you became a foster parent. It's not about adding a family member; it's about helping to save an innocent life and assisting him/her to move on to a good home. When it's time to say goodbye, you can take comfort in knowing that you have made it possible for this boxer and its new family to begin building their own permanent, loving bonds. And you'll now have room in your heart and home for another pet in need of your generosity.